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Test & Learn

What entrepreneurs think, what customers want and what customers actually want is unfortunately not always the same. That’s why we follow the Test & Learn approach.

A lengthy innovation and optimisation process is replaced by several small Test & Learn cycles. An MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is developed and tested directly in the market as quickly as possible. The subsequent customer feedback flows directly into the further development of the prototype. The cycle is repeated until the product is sufficiently mature. 

Thanks to this procedure, the first results quickly become visible and much money can be saved in development. Since the customer was involved throughout the entire development period and receives exactly the product he wants at the end, customer loyalty will also be strengthened.

Step 1


First of all a test object is needed for a test! Therefore a prototype is needed. This is produced as simply as possible and only with the most basic functions. Because one thing is already quite certain: The way the first prototype looks like, the finished product will not look like anyway. Not only do we build digital prototypes, we can also quickly develop physical products together with our partners.

Step 2


What's missing from your product? Which function is useless? Is the design and pricing right?
We test the product on your potential customers and partners and find out what they think about it. Depending on the product and the question, we vary the test method and adapt it to your individual needs.

Step 3


Customer feedback is something very important and should definitely be included in the development of the product. Was your prototype well received? Good. Didn't your prototype go down well? Also good! Because now you can improve it and adapt it so that it may even better meet the needs of your customers.

Step 4

Do it all over again

Why repeat it now? We are sure that you can get even more out of your product. But to keep the risk and costs to a minimum, you go further with small changes towards perfection. That's why we now have to repeat the cycle until an optimal product market fit is achieved.

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